As is the truth with any kind of software alternative, antivirus programs use pc resources – they available files, browse information in them, unpack archives for checking etc . A lot more thorough the info scanning is definitely, the more powerful resource consumption will be. Therefore , it is necessary to balance program tempo and the amount of security offered – an iron door protects better than a slender one nevertheless requires even more effort to spread out and close.

For many people, it may seem that all antivirus solutions are the same – the products of various companies are different only by design and marketing. Without a doubt, it is true which the market with respect to standard anti-virus solutions is extremely consolidated, with right here Symantec, McAfee and NAI (Trend Micro) taking over the market in terms of income.

But it is likewise the case that, despite pretty much everything, there are still a few problems with antivirus security. The main one is the fact, as already mentioned above, antivirus security relies on the fact that viruses stick to a set of clear rules. However , these guidelines are not fixed, but rather continuously switch according to the goals of the arrest computer underground. As a result, it is not necessarily possible to make a widespread virus scanning device that can often detect all viruses and Trojans.